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Can you remove red ink from tattoos?

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Red Ink Tattoo Removal Leeds

There seems to be a real myth around this. The answer is – YES you can remove red tattoos! Older tattoo technology made this more difficult however advancements within the Pico laser tattoo removal machines and ND YAG have enabled this process to become way easier.

Yellow and white inks can be a little more challenging.

When using laser tattoo removal machines, our tattoo removal specialists need to use differing wavelengths dependent on the ink colour to ensure the wavelength has enough frequency to smash the ink into miniscule pieces. Then, the body slowly works this out of the lymphatic system over the following weeks and months. It is a fairly long process. A red tattoo will need 532 wavelength.

Multi coloured, older tattoos are probably the most notoriously difficult to remove. Historically, old tattoo artists would press harder using older machines, bigger/deeper needle heads and of course older trends such as tribal tattoos and more block-like tattoos make things more difficult to remove.

These days, tattoos come with more detail, more shading (normally light shading) and these tattoos are never as deep and way easier to remove.

Our Picosecond laser machine in our Manchester Trafford site is incredible at removing ALL colours of tattoo. The machine contains all wavelengths and frequencies and with proven results and before and after pictures, there’s no denying its power and our amazing results. Our picosure machine is one of the most powerful machines within the North of the country.

Laser tattoo removal has never been easier, simply book your free consultation here

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