PRIMELASE Laser Manchester | Laser Club Manchester
At Laser Club we use the state of the art PRIMELASE laser machines. Officially the STRONGEST laser hair removal machine in the world. Yes, you read that right!

Combining 3 wavelengths of light with higher energy output and intelligent software. PRIMELASE delivers exceptional results with ease, virtually pain free, super-fast and for all skin types.

Our diode laser has a deep penetration level and can target even the most coarse or stubborn hairs. It has superior melanin absorption and builds up enough heat instantly to annihilate each hair follicle in the anagen stage (growth stage) which leaves a permanent result that many other machine cannot achieve.

Benefits of the PRIMELASE laser 

  • Strongest hair removal machine in the world
  • Medical Grade Machine
  • Made in spain
  • Permanently kill hair follicles at the root
  • Exceptional results for all skin types, colour and depths of hair
  • Better results, & greater client comfort- virtually PAIN FREE
  • Super-Fast treatments
  • Up to 2 x longer than standard
  • Deeper & better coverage
  • Easy and precise treatments
  • Increased comfort
  • Clinical proven results certified quality assured system.