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Comparing laser hair removal with traditional removal methods and misconceptions

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Laser Hair Removal Misconcseptions

Comparing Laser Hair Removal with Traditional Hair Removal Methods. Shaving, Waxing and Epilating

Address common misconceptions about laser hair removal and provide accurate information to dispel myths

Laser Hair removal has gained a lot of notoriety in recent years as the most effective way to get rid of hairs, permanently. Here at The Laser Club, we get a lot of questions every day about laser hair removal, being a laser clinic. I’m going to address some of the top misconceptions people have around laser hair removal and dispel some myths around the procedure.


1. You only need one session to see permanent results

At The Laser Club I would say that the biggest misconception when it comes to laser hair removal is that it only takes a single session to get your desired results. This isn’t the case and the reason we need multiple sessions is because our hair grows in cycles and the laser only targets the hair that’s in the active growth phase of the cycle. As all our hair is not in this phase simultaneously, it can take multiple sessions to target the follicles effectively. At The Laser Club we recommend six sessions every six weeks to get the best results possible.


2. Laser Hair Removal Is Painful

Whilst this used to be true, the technology behind the laser hair removal machines has improved so much. At The Laser Club we use the Primelase machine, which is the strongest laser diode in the world. Not only does it combine 4 wavelengths of light to deliver a powerful, safe, quick, and effective treatment. It is virtually pain-free, most of our clients at The Laser Club describe the treatment as only a slight discomfort.


3. Laser Hair Removal is only for light skin

This is not true! As I said earlier at The Laser Club, we use the Primelase machine, not only is it the strongest laser in the world, with its advanced technology it safely and effectively treats all skin tones.


4. Laser Hair Removal is too expensive

Laser hair removal is an investment, but it’s an investment in YOU! The long-term benefits of the treatment massively outweigh the initial cost of the treatment. At The Laser Club we offer very competitive pricing, at the minute we are currently running an offer of £895 for six sessions for full body laser, this includes full legs, underarms, and Hollywood.

Traditional Hair Removal Methods vs Laser

When it comes to hair removal we are presented with a lot of options –

1. Shaving

Probably the most common method, shaving is quick and painless. However, the results are short lived, most people start getting regrowth after only a few hours. Unfortunately, frequent shaving often leads to razor burns, rashes and ingrown hairs which often leave scars on the skin and can be really uncomfortable.


2. Waxing

Waxing provides relatively longer results than shaving, however the treatment itself can be very painful, and waxing is a procedure you must repeat every few weeks as hair regrowth happens quite quickly. As well as this the ingrown hairs you can get from waxing are usually worse than with shaving and you will usually see more ingrown hairs with this method of hair removal.


3. Epilating

Epilating is another at home hair removal method. Epilating can cause even more discomfort than waxing. Although you will see gradual hair reduction, this can take a very long time. With epilating you are also more prone to ingrown hairs. As well as this as opposed to laser you have to be careful as epilating isn’t suitable for all skin and hair types.

So why laser..

Unlike your traditional hair removal methods that only provide temporary results. Laser hair removal stands out as the best method to permanently get rid of your body hair effectively and safely. Not only will you see long lasting results you can say goodbye to ingrown hairs. How amazing is that. The laser targets the hair at the follicle the laser treatment can minimise the likelihood of the hair getting trapped in the skin. It is such a versatile treatment you can target large and small areas; at The Laser Club we can personalise your package to make sure you’re getting your treatment specifically tailored to you. If you’re looking for a long term, convenient and effective solution to unwanted hair it’s a no brainer.

I’m sold – how can I go ahead?

The best way to go ahead with us is to book a free consultation here and come and see us, ask all the questions you wish and if you want to go ahead then we take payment and plan/organise and book your first session in.

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