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IPL or Diode Laser? Advantages of diode laser hair removal over IPL

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IPL or Diode Laser? Advantages of diode laser hair removal over IPL

If you have done any research on longer lasting or permanent hair removal you have probably come across IPL and diode laser. What is the difference between IPL (intense pulsed light) and diode laser?

What is IPL hair removal?

For starters, IPL is not a laser hair removal treatment. However, it does have its similarities with any other laser treatment. As the name suggests, it sends waves of light that targets melanin. The light then transforms into heat, damaging the intended cells. IPL sends out many wavelenghts in each pulse. This means it can affect not only the hair follicles, but many other cells in the skin. Although it can be used to treat sun damage, acne or other conditions, it is not the best option for hair removal.

IPL targets all melanin in the area, and can’t discern skin pigmentation from hair pigmentation. It is for this reason that IPL can only treat very fair skin with dark, coarse hair, leaving behind a big chunk of the population. Otherwise, the results will not be very good, or it can even result in severe skin damage.

How does diode laser work?

Diode laser uses a much precise laser beam, with a narrow spectrum. Our SMARTDiode machine can select from a variety of wavelenghts, resulting in personalised treatments suitable for all types of skin & hair. The laser purposefully damages the melanin in the hair follicles, depending on the wavelenght selected for your skin & hair type. It can kill the follicle right at the root, considerably slowing hair growth. It can even permanently remove hair. We require fewer sessions, thanks to its effectiveness. Thanks to its fast repetition rate, laser allows for quicker treatments of larger body areas. Being a more advanced technology, it is widely considered to be one of  the most comfortable procedures for permanent hair removal.

At The Laser Club, our clients already see 40-70% hair reduction on their first two sessions. Up to 95% hair removal after a course of 6 sessions. We recommend yearly top-up sessions to keep the results at their optimal, but you will see a permanent change after your course. Our experienced technicians use the latest technology available in the laser hair removal market. Diode laser can treat big areas such as full legs, back, chest or arms efficiently and quickly. The triple wavelenght diode laser allows us to treat more sensitive areas such as the lips, cheeks, neck or intimate areas with little to no discomfort. This is thanks to our ice-cooling laser guns.

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