Is this the best laser hair removal machine in the world!?


Any informed customer interested in laser hair removal knows how many different options & machines there are available in the market right now. Not even a decade ago, getting a hair free body could cost 5 times your rent in Manchester. So, how has the market changed & improved?

There are several different machines with different pros and cons. Typically, if you had darker skin you would not go to any place that didn’t have Nd:YAG Laser machines. If you had fairer hair or skin, you would be seeking Ruby machines. This process of checking which machines each salon had was nerve-wrecking. Add the greed of some clinic/salons to this mix, which would often not tell the entire truth or plain lie to their customers about the suitability of their machines to treat them, and we have the perfect cocktail for customers to despise laser hair removal forever.

At The Laser Club we knew this had to change. We wanted to offer the possibility of being hair free to everyone. We knew there must be a way to offer the best results to all of our clients. And after months and months of research, we found the perfect machine. The SMARTDiode laser.

Why SMARTDiode?

We trialled numerous machines before settling down with ours. Why? Because it was plain superior than any other machine that we tested. With 66% more power, SMART Diode laser machines are superior in power than various machines such as the Soprano laser range

Its cooling technology makes the whole experience virtually pain free  – even relaxing  according to our clients. Its bigger head size allows us to treat clients quicker and more efficiently. The extensively customizable settings ensures we give the best treatment possible to each client, individually.

But what really made us choose SMARTDiode was its triple wavelength technology, capable of achieve the best laser hair removal results on any skin.

How does it work?

Triple wavelength technology means we can get optimum results on all skin types. Our machine is capable of adjusting the wavelength (amongst other settings) to target specific hair & skin types. Let’s have a look at each of them:

  • ALEX 755nm

    Able to deliver fantastic hair removal results across a wide variety of skin types and provide maximum melanin absorption, the 775nm is synonymous with the Alexandrite laser wavelength

  • DIODE 808nm

    The DIODE 808nm is truly the industry’s finest when it comes to Diode laser hair removal. Due to it’s impressive power, deep penetration and average absorption rate, the DIODE 808nm is suitable for any skin type. The perfect option for treating arms, cheeks and legs, it’s moderate penetration targets the bulge and bulb of the hair follicle.

  • YAG 1064nm

    Although the YAG 1064nm has contains the smallest melanin absorption rate, it contains the greatest penetration and depth of any of the lasers, making it effective against darker skin types. Ideal for underarm and pubic hair removal, its superior depth and penetration targets the root of their hair.

Thanks to this technology, we are able to offer the best treatment on the full body for any customer, no matter the gender, skin colour or hair type. We invested in £25k top of the range machines to ensure we are offering nothing but the best to our clients.

We are laser focused (pun intended) on providing amazing results and affordable treatments with customer service second to none.

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If you’re new to laser hair removal treatment, or are thinking of booking your first appointment, it’s normal to have a lot of questions about what it will involve, and what to expect. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body.

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