Laser hair removal is the solution for many of our transgender customers. Body and facial hair can be one of the biggest struggles in order to ‘pass’ (if that is what you are going for). In some cases it can severely damage your mental health. Waxing is often too painful and inefficient. Shaving irritates the skin and leaves those pesky follicles behind. At The Laser Club we are aware of these issues and offer a long lasting, affordable solution that is tailored to your needs.

I am a transgender woman, is laser hair removal for me?

Absolutely! Laser hair removal is known for its longer lasting, virtually pain free results. Our SMARTDiode machine has triple wavelenght technology, the latest technology available in the market. What does this mean? It allows us to tailor the treatment to any skin colour or hair type. Selecting the wavelenght and adjusting other settings to your skin and hair needs, we offer the best results.

Due to the hormonal nature of the facial hair, you might need a few more sessions than average, but our customers are usually happy after 10-12. We see upto 95% hair reduction on the body after 6 sessions. However, we recommend yearly top-up sessions to keep the results at its optimal.

Is laser hair removal safe for trans people?

Laser is the safest hair removal method out there. A consultation & patch test is required prior to any treatment. There, we go through your medical history with you and test the areas you are interested in. This way we make sure there are no adverse reactions and we are good to go!

The Laser Club is an inclusive, absolutely no judgement company. Everyone is welcome (as it should be anywhere!). It does not matter at which stage of your transition you are, if you are transitioning at all. You can just come down for a chat, let us know what your goals are and we will make a plan with you. We have over 5 years experience in the laser hair removal industry and will be more than happy to answer any doubts you have. You can also contact us at any time.

Should I have laser hair removal before or after HRT?

It is completely up to you. Hormone Replacement Therapy does not affect the effectiveness of laser hair removal or your suitability. Some clients prefer to start as soon as possible, since a 6 session package is spread over 5-6 months. Some others would rather wait for around 6 months for the HRT to take effect. In some cases, HRT can naturally reduce the amount of hair or make it thinner. It depends on your circumstances. You could also start laser hair removal at the same time as HRT, since it will not affect the results.

At The Laser Club, our clients already see 40-70% hair reduction on their first two sessions. Up to 95% hair removal after a course of 6 sessions. We recommend yearly top-up sessions to keep the results at their optimal, but you will see a permanent change after your course. Our experienced technicians use the latest technology available in the laser hair removal market. Diode laser can treat big areas such as full legs, back, chest or arms efficiently and quickly. The triple wavelenght diode laser allows us to treat more sensitive areas such as the lips, cheeks, neck or intimate areas with little to no discomfort. This is thanks to our ice-cooling laser guns.

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Laser hair removal is the solution for many of our transgender customers. Body and facial hair can be one of the biggest struggles in order to 'pass' (if that is what you are going for). In some cases it can severely damage your mental health. Waxing is often too...

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