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Laser Hair Removal Red Hair and Ginger hair

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Laser Hair Removal red hair

One of the most asked questions we get at our clinic is does laser hair removal work on red hair? Lots of clients are worried that their only option is waxing and shaving for the rest of their lives. Let’s have a look at the options…

Does IPL work for red hair?

Old IPL (intense pulsed light) technology has been effectively rendered obsolete in our day and age. This is because IPL specifically targets only brown pigments at the base of the hair follicle, damaging them. IPL does not work on red hairs, same as on blonde and gray hairs.

Does Electrolysis work for redheads?

An electrolysis procedure works for naturally ginger hair plus greys and very light/blonde hair. However, it is only recommended on small areas of ginger hair since this technology targets the individual hair root, destroying the follicle with heat. But the method is quite costly and takes a long time since it works on a single hair to hair basis one at a time and is a very manual process. You are easily looking at £1500 per AREA. You can also imagine that it will take a long time before you start seeing results. Then add a considerable amount of pain/discomfort (imagine individually plucking/burning your hairs one by one). You can see why electrolysis is not the best option for a more permanent hair removal for red hairs.

Hair removal for redheads

If you are looking for a laser hair removal for red hair procedure that will actually work and won’t break the bank, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! After months of research & trials of many laser hair removal options, we discovered our Primelase laser machine. Red hair is notoriously harder to remove though and you will need to be prepared to go through more sessions than usual and candidates for this treatment will need some dark pigment on their root. Unfortunately, if there is no darkness to your hair root then the laser light has nothing to grab hold of and may not work leaving electrolysis your only other option, and of course, saving and waxing the hair growh.

The Laser Club is an inclusive, good vibes clinic and our priority was to not leave anyone behind in accessing a more permannent hair removal.  This is why we chose the four wavelength technology diode laser. We can fine tune the settings to target the melanin on the red hairs and destroy the follicle right at the root. This allows you to see results quickly. Most of our clients experience up to 70% hair reduction on just three sessions!


How Primelase laser hair removal for red hair works

Our Primelase Laser hair removal machine uses four wavelength technology. Thanks to it, we are able to adjust the settings to target specific amounts of pigmentation at different skin depths. We analyse your skin & hair follicles type with our tools and add the input to the machine. We then can further adjust the wave length for red hair follicles.

Let’s get real, you won’t get the same results as clients with thicker, darker hair. The darker the hair and fairer the skin, the quicker, easier results you will get. However, technology has advanced enough to let us treat red hairs too. Usually, naturally redheads have a fairer skin type, which will result in really noticeable body hair.

How many sesssions for red heads?

You will probably need a longer course of sessions (usually 8-10 are enough for red hair), but you will see results from the 2nd session onwards.

This is not a magical solution, and you will still need to follow pre & after care to the best of your abilities.

Red heads pre hair removal routine

Shave 12-24 hours before your appointment with our specialist and make sure it is completely free of products. Don’t expose the treated areas to any sun and follow a good skin care routine.

We always recommend coming down for a consultation before any procedure where we can check your skin & hair type and patch test any areas. Then we can discuss how many sessions you will need approximately and advise you on pricing. We have a clinic at Boombae, in Trafford, Manchester and a clinic in Horsforth Leeds and our newest clinic is in Cheshire, Alderley Edge!

Hair Removal Costs

Our £895 Full Body offer includes 6 sessions on the full legs, bikini/Brazilian/Hollywood and underarms areas. You can add the face for an extra £100 or contact us for other extra areas (such as chest, stomach or back laser hair removal). You can book your free consultation here.

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