Men's Laser Hair Removal in Manchester | Back, Chest, Shoulders and Arms Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for Men in Manchester & Leeds

Full men body package offers available – Upto 40% off

Our laser hair removal services are suitable for all skin types & colours and all genders. This means we offer laser hair removal for men. In fact, 40% of our customers are male! Chest, Neck, Shoulders or Back are some of the most popular areas but our latest technology SMARTDiode laser machine is safe to use even on the most sensitive areas, including the face and intimate parts.

Say goodbye to the razor

Waxing can be painful and severely irritate the skin. Shaving is time consuming & can get quite expensive. The use of creams and other products can become tiring over time. At The Laser Club we offer an affordable, hassle free method for pain-free, free & long lasting hair removal.

Whilst with these other methods you have to go through the phase of regrowing your hair (especially with waxing), with laser hair removal, regrowth is minimal, if not permanent. Our regrowth rates are as low as 5%. Even if hair grows back, it will be much thinner and lighter than it was. 

How does it work?

Our medical grade laser hair removal treatment works by releasing a wavelength of light into the skin to damage the hair follicle enough it stops regrowing hair. The light converts to heat, targeting specifically the melanin in the individual hair follicles, killing them at the root. This treatment reduces the ability of the follicles to regrow hair, providing a long lasting smooth skin result.


How long does it take?

For optimal results, the hair must be targeted at the perfect time of the regrowth cycle. At the beggining of your treatment course, your hairs will be at different stages of regrowth. This is why we recommend to have the first 2-3 sessions in a shorter period of time. Most of our customers are happy after 6 sessions, with most or all targeted hair gone. We advise to buy a 6 course package (5 sessions + one free) for the best results. After this course of sessions, 3-4 weeks apart, you will likely only need one top-up session a year.

Popular male laser hair removal areas

Laser hair removal prices for men


Ice Cold | Pain Free | Brand New Machines | Newest Technology – SMARTDiode

Upper body

Single session

Course of 6 
(buy 1 get 1 free)

Chest - Stomach - Upper Back - Shoulders - Lower Back

Full Back - Full Torso

Half Arms

(add hands/fingers £18)

Full Arms

Hands - Fingers

Underarms - Neck


Lower Body

Single session

Course of 6 
(buy 1 get 1 free)

Full Legs 
Includes feet & toes

Half legs
add Feet & toes £18

Feet - Toes

Men's Bikini

Men's Hollywood
add back £30



Single session

Course of 6 
(buy 1 get 1 free)

Full Face

Jaw line
add Front Neck £25

Front Neck

Cheeks - Temples - Moustache

Hair Line - Side Burns

Course of 6 sessions: pay 5 sessions + 1 session free! Full body offers are standalone offers.

Patch test & Consultation required prior to any session or course of treatments. You can book in your consultation online.

We require £25 deposit prior to booking any session to secure your appointment.

Packages need to be paid upfront on the first session or we can arrange splitting payments into 3.

Booking an appointment

Before booking your session or course we need to book you in for a consultation and a patch test.

You can book your consultation online here. You can also give us a call on 0161 327 1712 or you can send us an email on [email protected] and we will sort it for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more info. We are always happy to help!