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Pros & Cons of Laser Hair Removal

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Pros & Cons of Laser Hair Removal Leeds

The most frequently asked question for laser hair removal is: ‘will laser hair removal work and what are the pros and cons’

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular permanent hair removals for these exact reasons. It works and with little downtime and no trauma to the skin. At the Laser Club we use Primlase, laser hair removal machine. The machine works by transmitting light directly into the hair follicle. Meaning the light will only target the hair follicle and not damage any skin around the treated area.



NO HAIR – The number one reason for laser hair removal. Once the hair is killed it isn’t coming back.

REDUCES FOLLICLES – not only no hair (yay) but also no follicles. Once the hair has gone the follicles are pointless as they are in theory the hairs home. So, they will close and after the hair is gone so will the follicles.

SMOOTH SKIN – Laser hair removal not only removes the hair but also stops shaving rashes and razor burns after shaving… no more itching or painful razor rashes!

HAIR FREE TIMES – Even during your laser sessions you will have longer periods of time where the hair isn’t coming back. The hair is damaged and will take longer to grow back. Eventually once all the hair has been eliminated the hair will not grow back at all.

INGROWN HAIRS –The hair will be getting thinner every session stopping the hair from being able to pierce back into the skin resulting in NO ingrown hairs and any painful bumps on the skin. Ingrown hairs can cause infections so say no to any risk of infection and hello to smooth, hair free skin!

PIGMENTED AREAS – a lot of the times with the hair comes shadows on the skin after shaving and waxing e.g a lot of people find a shadow on the underarm area when the shave and wax even when there is no hair it still looks like there is. Once the hair is gone by permanently removing with laser hair removal, this will also lighten the areas as the hair that’s inside the skin causing the darkness.

laser hair removal


laser hair removal


SHAVING – During the laser sessions you can only shave the areas we are treating. This is because we need to treat the follicles. This may be out of the ordinary for a waxer however even after your first laser session the hair will be slowing and your shave time between will be reduced. Some people don’t like shaving their face for instance when they are

TANNING – While having laser we need your true skin colour. Don’t worry though, you can still go on holiday! Your laser hair removal technician will advise the best timing for your laser between sessions. We recommended avoiding using sunbeds during your course or you wont be able to get booked in consistently which could affect your results and no fake tan when its appointment time! If you do want to fake tan in between appointments just makes sure it is a week after your appointment and you come to your next appointment with it all removed!

THE WAIT – Between your sessions we advise a 4–6-week period. This is to grow the new hairs for us to blast. Everyone would love to have these sessions closer together to get rid of the hair quicker, but this is not the case, you will need to wait this time to ensure the hair as grown out fully so then we can permanently remove all hairs from the follicle. However, in between sessions you can shave as much or as little as you want.

Overall, Laser hair removal is life changing whether it is for an unwanted area of hair, PCOS sufferers or painful ingrowing hairs.

Laser hair removal saves time and money and once the hair is removed and you are left with super smooth skin, you will never look back. Goodbye ingrown hairs, irritation and prickly legs!


I’m sold – how can I go ahead?

The best way to go ahead with us is to book a free consultation here and come and see us, ask all the questions you wish and if you want to go ahead then we take payment and plan/organise and book your first session in.

We are located in Horsforth Leeds, Alderley Edge Cheshire and Trafford Manchester, just outside of Manchester City Centre.

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