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The Laser Club Manchester Launches Laser Tattoo Removal!

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The Laser Club Manchester Launches Laser Tattoo Removal!

Constantly improving and evolving, so many of our clients that come to us for laser hair removal often mention tattoos they dislike. When you are often bearing all for your laser session, tattoos often become a talking point between you and your laser technician.

From ex’s initials, to old school monsters, tribal patterns and the dreaded Chinese symbols – remember that phase back in 2002-2005?!

Removing old SPMU make up – We can even remove old SPMU. Unfortunately, with SPMU, after a few years the ink can expand and spread and those sharp eyebrows are no longer, instead – a blurred mess. If the older inks were used then the chances of you having blue’s or even green tons in your eyebrows is a thing! The good news is that with SPMU its fairly surface orientated so, it’s pretty easy to shift in just 2-3 sessions.

Using a powerful and top of the range Picosecond laser machine, we can now remove your unwanted tattoos.

Removing tattoos is a commitment you have to be prepared for. Dependent on tattoo depth, which inks were used, how hard they pressed in your sessions, colours, so many factors – it can take 6-12 sessions at least to remove.

There are also substantial risks you have to be prepared for too such as hyper pigmentation, blistering etc. Within your free consultation, we will run through everything with you in detail.

Prices start from just £50 per tattoo for a tiny one and range to £300 per session for large.

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