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Laser Hair Removal For Women

Ice Cold | Pain Free | Brand New Machines | Newest Technology – PRIMELASE

Ladies, we have you covered for all your Laser Hair Removal needs!

Whether you are fed up of shaving, sick of unsightly and painful ingrown hairs, maybe you suffer with excess hair growth or simply hate the feeling of prickly legs or hairs sticking out of your bikini on holiday – its time to invest in Laser Hair Removal and remove the problem for good at the source – the hair follicle!

Normally 6-8 sessions is enough to zap off your hair for good using our brand new medical grade Primelase HR machines – Officially the most powerful machine in the world for Laser Hair Removal, 3 times more powerful than Soprano Ice Machines. Yes, really!

With clinics in Cheshire, Manchester and Leeds, its safe to say we are known as the Laser Hair Removal experts in the North West of England!

Imagine never having to shave your private areas again?

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Course of 6 sessions: pay 5 sessions get 1 session free!

Patch test & Consultation required prior to any session or course of treatments. You can book in your consultation online.

Sessions are paid for in advance

Packages need to be paid upfront on the first session or can be split into 3 payments across the package.

Booking an appointment

Before booking your session or course we need to book you in for a consultation and a patch test. In the consultation we check your medical history and make sure you are suitable and safe to get laser hair removal. There, we discuss the areas you are interested in and agree on the best course of action.

Sometimes, you will need fewer or more session, but clients are usually happy after 6, this is why we offer a 6 course package where you pay for 5 sessions and get 1 free. The package course is the most common way to book your laser treatment, but you can also pay as you go and see how it goes, we assure you will be amazed after session 2!

You can book your consultation online here. You can also give us a call on 0161 327 1712 or you can send us an email on [email protected] and we will sort it for you.

Our PRIMELASE laser is suitable to treat all skin types & colours, so you can be sure that you will always get the best results possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more info. We are always happy to help!

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Laser Hair Removal For Women

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, on the areas for laser we say 10 days before/after. Typically, women don’t have a problem with bikini areas & underarms tanning unless you are actually going on holiday right after a session or have came to your session recently tanned. Legs can be the niggle! You cannot have recently fresh tanned skin in the interest of safety however, this shouldn’t stop you from having laser in the summer months, its fairly easy to work around your laser hair removal sessions especially with our unpredictable UK weather!

Our female team of laser hair removal technicians all have such brilliant reviews within this area of making people feel super comfortable. Some ladies don’t mind stripping off all underwear and jumping on the treatment table and others will come wearing a thong and we can work around the thong or use disposable underwear. We help protect and cover you with bed roll or towels too so you don’t feel so exposed. All laser hair removal clinic rooms have locks on the doors too, so there is never a risk of anyone walking in on your treatment.

Our Primelase machine is a medical grade FDA cleared machine with the newest technology available which include ice cooling systems to keep the tip/head cool. Also, with just one sweep of your skin your sessions are over so fast. People report some slight heat in areas, others report nothing. Some report a little prickle. private area are a little more ‘spicy’ due to location/skin and hairs being thick and dense but again, it’s over with in seconds. Bikini area can literally take 30 seconds.

Yes! All locations have free parking right outside. All clinics are super easy and convenient.


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