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1. Firstly, you are given a step – by – step guide card on what will happen within your appointment

2. Then, we shade test your teeth to see what shade your teeth are currently and take note of this.

3. Using Naturawhite products, you are then asked to brush your teeth with a special fine grit toothpaste and disposable (non plastic) toothbrush to clear debris, plaque and prep the surface of your teeth ready for your laser teeth whitening.

4. We then spray an activation spray onto a disposable finger wipe in which you use to rub onto your teeth. This helps activate your teeth whitening gel.

5. Then, we give you a special naturawhite mouthguard with your non-peroxide gel inside. You put this into your mouth yourself.

6. Protective laser glasses on and then you can use our AURA laser machine.

7. You will then stay under the laser lamp for 3 x 15 minute blocks. We change over the gel within your mouthguard 2 times to ensure maximum activation and teeth whitening.

8. After a clean up, we then shade test you again to see how many shades your teeth have lifted.

9. Your appointment is done!

Whether it’s a photoshoot, wedding, festival, core event or just a night out, a bright smile is a must! Our laser teeth whitening is fast, easy and convenient.

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Single £80
Couples £120 (£60 each)
Laser teeth whitening
Teeth Whitening Before and After
Laser Teeth Whitening vs Home Teeth Whitening Cheshire

No, the Naturawhite teeth whitening system is peroxide free. Peroxide is usually what causes sensitivity when it comes to teeth whitening.

Yes, it’s safe. However, we cannot say/predict or guarantee what will happen colour/shade wise to your fittings. Usually, our laser teeth whitening can brighten them up back to their natural/original shade

Yes you can have laser teeth whitening, same as crowns etc. All safe however we cannot predict what colour or shade they will brighten up to, or if at all.

One session of laser teeth whitening is fine for a nice brighten, however we would always suggest having 2 sessions within the same week for optimum results.

The dentist will give you trays to sleep in which is not a nice experience. Because we are not dentists, we are not authorised to actually touch your mouth or use peroxide gel. Dentists can although, you will pay a very high premium for this. For the ultimate teeth whitening, you can go to the dentist. They will give you trays to sleep with for usually 2 weeks. You will experience sensitivity and many people cannot tolerate it with interrupted sleep. Our Naturawhite system is ideally for a quick freshen up of your teeth for a small price.

Yes, it is advised to avoid coffee, tea and anything that may stain the teeth for 24 hours after your teeth whitening appointment.

Anyone who is currently suffering from gum disease. It is essential that if you have any signs of gum disease you should be seen by your dentist before attending any teeth whitening appointments for advice. If you also have a large build up of plaque in and around your teeth, we would recommend you have a dentist hygienist clean before your appointment with us for optimal results. We also recommend that pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding do not have their teeth whitened. How long will the teeth whitening results last? For most people, we find that the results are long-lasting. It’s important to remember that exposure to heavily staining food and drinks such as coffee, red wine and curry as well as tobacco will darken teeth and are harder to lift. Your teeth should stay noticeably whiter for a considerable amount of time after having a laser teeth whitening appointment however ongoing top ups are a good idea to keep your teeth at the perfect shade you prefer.

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