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Which Laser Hair Removal Machine Is The best?

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Which Laser Hair Removal Machine Is The Best?

Here, we compare the big brand professional laser hair removal machines so you can see if the one used at a clinic is right one for you. .

Laser hair removal is on the rise, an industry growing at an incredible rate. Laser Hair Removal machines are now super powerful and finally – packages are now affordable! 5-6 years ago, full body laser removal packages were easily £3000+ however, things have changed. With more companies and laser technicians, the industry is more competitive, but this means it can be a minefield when choosing which company is right for you.

When starting to research laser hair removal, the absolute KEY thing you must investigate, and research correctly is – which laser hair removal machine is the best? Which laser hair removal machine is the most powerful?

You want the BEST service possible with the BEST laser hair removal machine otherwise it may not work, your hair may not be removed and/or your hair may return meaning your money is wasted. Cheaper isn’t always better and if it’s too cheap, how Is it that cheap?! There’s always a reason and usually, that reason will be an inexperienced technician using a very cheap and usually unsafe machine potentially using old technology.

Fundamentals you must investigate when choosing your laser hair removal clinic:

  • How experienced are the Laser Technician(s)? Be careful with technicians with little to no experience branching into this market and being manufacturer machine trained only rather than actual beauty/laser qualifications.
  • Reviews on Google. It’s almost impossible to remove Google reviews so it always good to check rather than booking systems such as Treatwell or Booksy.
  • Results images on their website, Google and Instagram etc
  • Brand of laser hair removal machine – Is the manufacturer reputable?
  • Where is the machine manufacturer based? Good machines tend not be manufactured in China.
  • Are the machines white labeled? I.e. Is this a Chinese manufacturer but an English based company buying in machines and putting their logo on them? Examples of brands that do this – The ‘laser mach’ as its first known is manufactured by a company in China called Wingderm. They are sold all over the world and white labeled by various brands.
  • What is the clinic like? Always check photos of the inside to ensure the place looks professional/clean and that you’re not going to a spare room in someone’s home!


Reputable laser hair removal machine brands with summaries are:

Primelase HR Laser hair removal Machine  – made in Spain

Primelase at The Laser Club

FDA Approved

Slide and glide delivered treatments, superfast & painless

Quadruple wavelength

All skin types

The most powerful diode machine in the world currently at 4800-5000 watts of power. The Primelase is 4 times more powerful than Soprano Ice machines

No copies or counterfeit machines circulating.

Considered painless.

Soprano (Alma Lasers) Laser hair removal Machine

Which Laser Hair Removal Machine Is The best?

FDA approved

1200watts of power.

Triple wavelength

Numerous counterfeit and copies exist for such worrying low prices. This means techs starting out, people with low budgets can buy these safe machines and pass them off as genuine. They are not FDA cleared and not considered safe. Techs will not be correctly or genuinely insured. If you see anyone selling a Soprano Ice full body package for less than £1000 and they are not a reputable chain of clinics, avoid.

Cynosure Laser hair removal Machine 

made in USA

FDA Approved

Only 2 wavelengths

Undisclosed power

Considered painful and comes with a stand-alone cooling machine to try and eliminate pain.

Numerous counterfeit machines on DH gate, made in China etc

Numerous counterfeit products sold out of China

Candella Laser hair removal Machine 

made in USA

FDA approved

Only 2 wavelengths. Not a Diode machine. Not ‘slide and glide’

Considered painful

4600 Watts of power

Numerous counterfeits

This machine treats tons of other skin issues such as thread veins. Comes with an in-built cryo cooling system.

Other Laser Machine brands:

AW3 All White Laser

Entry level machine

Not FDA cleared

Often found in start-up companies or beauty salons

However, they seem to give fairly good results.

Be careful of unbranded laser hair removal machines or self-branded. No brand – what are they hiding? Normally Chinese machines that are uninsurable and potentially unsafe to use.

All laser hair removal technicians in the UK must be face to face trained by the machine manufacturer otherwise they are not insured to conduct your treatment. If they have bought a counterfeit machine, they won’t be manufacturer trained and insurance will be invalid.

So, which laser hair removal machine is the best?

Soprano vs Primelase

The Primelase HR by Cocoon Medical is considered the all round best and most powerful machine yet FDA cleared, safe and NO counterfeit machines anywhere on the internet. No-one can replicate this quad wavelength technology.

An independent test was conducted on both Soprano Ice and Primelase HR machines and the Primelase came out on top with 55% more effective hair removal than the Soprano. You can read all about this here.

Of course, The Laser Club only has Primelase HR machines in our laser hair removal clinics in ManchesterLeeds & now Cheshire.

Full body laser package offer currently on is just £895 for 6 sessions or £1250 for head to toe laser.

You can book your free consultation and patch test here

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