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Why Laser Beard Shaping or Full Beard Removal Is Now a Thing!

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Why Laser Beard Shaping or Full Beard Removal Is Now a Thing!

Crisp, laser sharp beard shaping is now ‘a thing’ and guess what? So is FULL beard removal.

Us women find it bad enough having stubble and prickly legs but having it on your face and neck is another level of irritation, right?

Of course, having a trendy, sharp, groomed beard is very much ‘in fashion’ but keeping up with the shape takes time and is a pain. Imagine not having to spend so long shaping the beard? Many men have thick hair going right up to their cheeks and right down and around their necks. Shaving over the adams apple every other day cannot be a nice feeling. Having laser hair removal and beard shaping around the beard can really make this chore way less irritating and time consuming.

Imagine having silky smooth skin then the pop of razor-sharp beard edge? This is another level of Turkish barber style edges, this is beard to bare skin, NO hair follicles in sight but only laser hair removal on the edges will achieve this look.

Our skilled laser technicians ensure precision when it comes to protecting your own beard hair and getting the laser sharp edge correct. Our technicians use large spatulas to block the laser light from hitting the follicles you want to keep and the straight edges of the spatula are perfect for this.

Beard shaping at The Laser Club

This client has had 6 sessions so far and will need a further few to get rid of those last follicles closer to the beard line.

Full Beard Removal

There are now many men choosing to permanently remove their beards completely, forever. I mean, it’s a huge thing to decide and commit to, isn’t it? Once its off, its off and it won’t grow back so you really do need to be absolutely sure you want to remove your beard. What if you suddenly decide that you want to grow a cool beard and you cannot because its all off?

Usually though, we find that the men who do choose full beard removal REALLY know they want the hair gone. Many have struggled with the prickly hair feeling, shaving, rashes for way too many years that once its off they couldn’t be happier and could never imagine having it back.

Some men get ingrown hair or spots on their beards or irritation when hair is growing back through the skin. By eliminating the actual hair follicle in the first place, the hairs stop, the irritation stops and the skin clears up. Magic.

Why Laser Beard Shaping or Full Beard Removal Is Now a Thing!

This client is ongoing into his journey but look at the difference! Skin has cleared up too!

Transgender Beard Removal

Not forgetting our lovely trans market too. We have so many trans clients that are transitioning and want/need their facial hair removal gone, forever. Laser hair removal for trans and transitioning people is life changing. As part of the Trans business association and a high flag flier – we welcome anyone into our clinics with open arms and tons of love and respect. We will hand hold and go on this journey with you together to remove all of your unwanted hair, not just on the face!


How much does it cost?

Beard shaping for 6 sessions package starts at just £340. Full beard removal is £625 for 6 sessions.


How many sessions will I need for full beard removal?

Hair on the face can be SUPER thick and aggressive. It is absolutely going to take more than 6 sessions. I would be prepared for 8 sessions at least. After finishing a package we always offer discounted single sessions but how many sessions can never be predicted. Everyone one, every body, every face is different. Genetics, hormones, hair type, skin type, they ALL are contributing factors within hair removal. Committing to facial hair removal is a commitment. It could take 12 months but in 12 months you will never look back, you will think ‘how did I cope before?!”

It also helps that we have the strongest machine for laser hair removal that is available on the world market today. The primelase by Cocoon medical is a medical grade device that cannot be beat. See more about this here


I’m sold – how can I go ahead?

The best way to go ahead with us is to book a free consultation here and come and see us, ask all the questions you wish and if you want to go ahead then we take payment and plan/organise and book your first session in.

We are located in Horsforth Leeds and Trafford Manchester, Just outside of Manchester City Centre.

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