Anti-wrinkle injections £120 1 area / £150 2 areas / £180 3 areas

As they say, prevention can be better than cure!

At TLC we offer superior Anti-Wrinkle injections which freeze each area meaning they wont/cant move making it seem as though you have less wrinkles.

These injections also work well to prevent permanent wrinkles from prolonged use of muscle/skin.

We can either totally freeze an area of lightly freeze meaning you can still move eyebrows or move an area slightly.

Lip Enhancement £120 up to 1ml

Lips can thin out as we age and as we lose collogen. Maybe you simply have genetically naturally thin lips or maybe you just want a better shape. Our advanced practitioners are qualified in various lip shapes including the famous DOLL lip which gives a beautiful lift.

Nasolabial Folds from £120

Smiling, laughing and talking. As we age, these frustrating lines can begin to annoy us as they get deeper but don’t worry, using dermal fillers we can smooth out those lines.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty from £250

Do you REALLY need surgery if you dislike your nose shape? Not always. Adding some filler to reshape your nose is a serious option. Lumps can be smoothed to give the appearance of a straight nose. We ca also lift the tip of the nose which is a whole new & desired look.

Cheek & Chin/Jaw contouring From £250

Want more shape to your face? No problem with dermal fillers. From a chiseled chin and jawline to high cheekbones or wanting that snatched look? This advanced aesthetic treatment is what we love to do! Jaw contouring can also remove the appearance of a double chin.

Tear Trough £150

It’s time to say bye to tired eyes! Less volume under our eyes as we age is a super common problem creating dark circles and voids which can really make the eyes look dull and tired.
Again, this is easily sorted with dermal filler.

Chin Augmentation from £250

Annoying dimple? ‘Bum chin’? Flat or no chin? Easily sorted and filled with dermal fillers.

Skin Boosters £200 for 1 or £350 for 2

The ultimate pick-me-up skin boosters! Typically Profhilo injections which give the ultimate, fast boost by injecting one of the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) directly into the skin. HA is a natural substance that prompts the body to make more collagen and elastin boosting elasticity and overall glow.



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