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Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Dublin

Are you fed up with ingrown hairs? 

Are holidays a stubbly nightmare leaving you with shaving rashes esp on your bikini area? 

The dreaded and painful “holiday wax’ – imagine never having to do this again? 

The average woman wastes close to 72 days shaving her body over her lifetime. What a waste of time. Once your hair is removed, the hair is gone. No more shaving or waxing!

Best Laser Hair Removal

Hollywood laser hair removal in Dublin offers a permanent solution to unwanted hair in your most intimate areas.

Other forms of hair removal, such as shaving and waxing, only offer short-term benefits, and regrowth and stubble can make sensitive skin itchy and sore. Laser hair removal at our friendly Dublin laser clinic permanently removes hair growth, leaving you with fresh and silky skin every day.

Hair removal is just one of the laser treatments available at The Laser Club in Dublin. We also offer laser teeth whitening and a range of premium treatments that will boost the beauty and health of all skin types.

Why not book your free laser consultation today and discuss a treatment plan with one of our friendly therapists?




What is Hollywood laser hair removal?

Hollywood laser hair removal leaves no hair down there – at all.

By this, we mean full top section plus your ‘undercarriage’ If it spreads onto the insides of your legs, we will also cover this for you under your laser hair removal package. 

The procedure involves completely removing all hair from the front bikini area to the back and all those intimate areas on the way.

It can also include the lower abdomen above the bikini line.

‘Perianal’ is the fancy term for your bum crack! This is usually classed as another/different area as not everyone wants the perianal done. 


Why choose The Laser Club Dublin for Hollywood hair removal?

Our professional laser specialists use the mighty Primelase HR for laser hair removal at all our clinics in the UK and Dublin.

The Primelase HR is the world’s strongest laser platform for hair removal, at least three times more powerful than the market leader Soprano Ice.

This means that laser hair removal treatment at The Laser Club is faster and achieves permanent hair removal quicker than other clinics using less powerful lasers.

You will receive a warm welcome at The Laser Club in Dublin. We are laser specialists here to give great treatments to everyone who wants to feel good about themselves and their bodies.

We pride ourselves on The Laser Club’s inclusive nature, and our experienced professionals are highly skilled in trans hair removal and male hair removal.

Book your free consultation here.


Why is laser hair removal more effective than other forms of hair removal?

Waxing pulls hair out, and shaving cuts the hair at the skin level. Only laser hair removal treatments target and destroy the hair follicles’ growth cells and kill them permanently for permanentBest Laser Hair Removal for Women Dublin hollywood hair removal. 

Waxing can also lead to very bad ingrown hairs. Its painful. Its time consuming. 

Shaving is shaving and wake up the next morning with stubble. No thanks!

Armed with the world’s strongest hair removal laser, our highly trained laser specialists direct laser energy into the centre of the hair follicle, damaging it and eventually preventing further hair growth.

After a course of laser treatment, hair removal is permanent, and bar occasional top-up sessions, you will have smooth, hair-free skin for good. Compare this with the regular appointments and uncomfortable regrowth you experience with other hair removal methods.

Our Dublin clients also love that ingrown hairs are no longer a problem after laser treatment.


How many laser hair removal sessions will I need?

Our Dublin clients typically have between six and eight laser sessions but the number depends on the size of the treatment area and your hair type. If your hair is dark and coarse, you may need more sessions than a person with fine hair. 

6 sessions is normally enough for laser hair removal but some people do need more so be prepared. Not everyone and every body is the same. Genetics play a huge factor. 

Book your free consultation today, and your therapist will give you a patch test and recommend a treatment plan.

Best Womens Laser Hair Removal

Does laser hair removal hurt?

We won’t pretend that hair removal from your most intimate area is the most relaxing experience, but you may be surprised at how little discomfort is involved in laser hair removal particularly compared with waxing.

Our Dublin clients say laser hair removal feels like an elastic band being snapped against the skin but you won’t experience anything for long as our highly experienced laser therapists work fast.

Lasers can make your skin feel warm, but our super laser ice cooling system includes cooling technology that keeps you relaxed during your sessions. 


How long do treatment sessions last?

Treatment sessions start at 15 minutes, and the length will depend on your hair type and the size of the area being treated.


Is there any downtime after laser hair removal at the Dublin clinic?

After laser hair removal treatments, your skin may feel more sensitive than usual and appear flushed. We advise clients to avoid hot showers and baths for a day or so to help their skin recover.


Are other body areas suitable for hair removal with laser?

Certainly. Our medical-grade lasers are suitable for use all over the body. Popular treatment areas include the chest, arms, neck, lower legs, full legs, bikini area, facial hair, and chin.


How much does Hollywood laser hair removal cost?

You can download our price list here.

  • Hollywood package costs 550
  • Front and back inc perianal is 725 
  • Bikini (only the sides done)  is 300 for 6 sessions package

Booking a full course is always better value and we can offer staged payments to make it easier on your beauty budgeting.


How to find The Laser Club in Dublin

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and the country’s capital. It is situated on the mouth of the River Liffey and to the south can be found the beautiful Wicklow Mountains. Dublin is a popular visitor destination. Tourists come from all over the world to tour the Guinness Brewery and see the Book of Kells, a beautiful eighth-century manuscript in the library of Trinity College.



Unit 3
Block A
Hamilton Gardens
Carnlough Road
Dublin 7

Tel: +353 1576 88 70

Email:  [email protected]



Travelling by car from Connolly Train Station

Head north on Amiens Street (R105) towards Talbot St

Turn left onto Portland Row (R101)

Continue to follow R101 for 2.1 km

Continue onto Dalymount (R147) and follow the road for 1.2 km

Turn right onto Carnlough Rd and then turn right onto Hamilton Gardens

The Laser Club is on the left

Driving directions link here  


Arriving by bus

The Maynooth Service D920 from Connolly Train Station drops off on Navan Road Parkway where you can take the 38A Burlington Road Service to Cabra Road 300m from The Laser Club.

Link to directions here.


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