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Laser Hair Removal Cost And Is It Worth It?

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Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It? Cheshire

Imagine the feeling of silky-smooth skin every single day?! Imagine never having to think about shaving again or even buying razors?

Wouldn’t it be the dream to be on holiday in our bikinis and not battle with a shaving rash on our bikini lines?!

By removing hair follicles entirely, laser hair removal is the fastest growing cosmetic treatment in the world right now.

The Science

During laser hair removal treatments, the laser hair removal machine emits a powerful laser beam which is absorbed by pigment (melanin) in the hair follicle. The light energy is then converted to heat which then damages the blood supply to the follicle essentially killing the hair follicle. Hair follicles can only be killed within the anagen stage (the growth stage) and around 20% of hairs at any one time will be within this stage hence why at least 6 sessions will be needed for effective laser hair removal.

Factors To Take into Consideration When Having Laser Hair Removal To Determine The Costs

Size of area

Almost anyone can have laser hair removal treatments, common areas are legs, Hollywood, underarm, back, stomach etc.

Are size is very important as the bigger the area for laser hair removal, the more it will cost. Legs for instance are normally the most expensive area and would certainly cost more than having your chin or underarms done. Full legs package at The Laser Club will cost £750 for 6 sessions and will usually be completed within a 20 minute timeslot. Chin for instance can cost as little as £175 for a package of 6 sessions and the time can take literally seconds, however we would allow for a 10 minute time slot.

Skin type

Skin colour makes a difference when it comes to laser hair removal. The colour of your skin may cause you to need more laser hair removal sessions meaning more cost.

Most laser hair removal machines have the best results with lighter skin and darker hair. Laser hair removal machines like dark hair to grab onto the melanin and blast the hair follicle and in order to keep settings high, the lighter the skin the better. Those with tanned or darker skin or fair hair will normally need more sessions due to safety machine settings to ensure the correct settings are used on your skin in order not to damage your skin.

With darker or tanned skin, settings have to be turned down meaning more sessions.

Hair type

Fair hair or ginger hair can be troublesome when it comes to laser hair removal. Remember when we mentioned that the machine needs dark pigment to grab onto?! This makes a huge difference here. If you have fair hair, you will need at least a dark(ish) root or something for the laser beam to hit. Normally, we recommend plucking a hair to see what your root is like but often, you may be turned away for lthis treatment if your laser technician isn’t convinced the treatment will work on your hair type however, it’s not game over – you can still go ahead (if the technician thinks there is a good chance of removal) but be prepared to have more sessions and more cost. 6 sessions won’t cut it with fair hair, you will need at least 10.

Which machine is used

Its super important to do your research! The better and more powerful the machine, normally – the more expensive that machine is. This means the packages and services of that laser company should and will cost more. Cheap isn’t always better so try not to be enticed by cheap or horribly cheap offers.

The Laser Club uses the most powerful machine in the world (officially) the PrimeLase by Cocoon Medical


Primelase at The Laser Club



How Much Do the Sessions Cost?

The average price to remove your unwanted hair and using a reputable company with a powerful (and expensive) machine will be around £100 per area per session. However, packages can be put together for more areas which bring things much cheaper.

Example – a full body package with The Laser Club costs just £895 for 6 sessions and includes full leg, underarms and Hollywood. You can add on extra areas for a small cost.

Underarms package alone is £475 for 6 sessions so you can see a huge benefit in getting all your areas covered in one sitting and by going for a package you can save almost 50% on the usual price.

How Doesit Cost Compared To Shaving?

How often would you buy a new razor? Say every 2 weeks? Let’s say that costs you £2 for a decent new shaving head/blade. That’s £52 per year plus the occasional new full razor. Then, lets add up the time. The average woman spends a crazy 72 days of their lives shaving. That’s approx. 1728 hours. Let’s say the minimum rate of pay is £10.50 per hour. That’s £18,144 in your time spent/wasted shaving. When you put it like that, its frightening!

To think for just £895 and your hair could be gone, forever with laser hair removal with no more shaving, no more irritation, no more ingrown hairs, no more embarrassing hairy situations and smoother skin!

laser hair removal

I’ve Read Enough And Wasted Enough of my Time Shaving, Sign Me Up!

We have laser hair removal clinics in Manchester, Cheshire and Leeds.

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