SMART Diode Laser Manchester | Laser Club Manchester

At Laser Club we use the state of the art SMARTDiode laser machines. 

Combining 3 wavelengths of light with higher energy output and intelligent software. SMARTDiode delivers exceptional results with ease, virtually pain free, super-fast and for all skin types.

Our diode laser has a deep penetration level and can target even the most coarse or stubborn hairs. It has superior melanin absorption, making it safe as a hair removal method for all skin and hair types and different body areas. Our experienced technicians can treat sensitive areas such as a man’s face (including cheek), ladies nipple area with little to no pain response.

Benefits of the SMARTDiode laser 

  • Exceptional results for all skin types,  colour and depths of hair
  • Better results, & greater client comfort-  virtually PAIN FREE
  • Super-Fast treatments
  • Up to 2 x longer than standard
  • Deeper & better coverage
  • Easy and precise treatments
  • Increased comfort
  • Clinical proven results certified quality assured system.