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Laser Club Dublin

Laser Hair Removal Clinic Dublin

Key treatments at our Dublin Laser Clinic are laser hair removal , hydrafacial and teeth whitening.

Address: Unit 3, Block A, Hamilton Gardens, Carnlough Road, Cabra, Dublin 7 D07 DWY1.
Phone: +353 1576 88 70 (Monday- Sunday)

Email: [email protected]

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The Laser Club Dublin

The Laser Club in Dublin offers state-of-the-art laser treatment for skin care, unwanted hair removal and teeth whitening. 

We use the latest lasers and premium treatments to ensure that our clients receive the best results every time. 

Our Dublin clinic is part of a chain that includes successful clinics in Cheshire, Manchester, and Leeds in the UK.

We offer a free consultation and patch tests to all our clients so that we can develop a  treatment plan tailored to your needs.

The excellent treatment that we offer has earned us a loyal following of satisfied clients. You can read some of their testimonials here

Inclusivity is important to us. Whoever you are, and whatever your creed, skin colour or gender identity, you will receive a warm welcome from our team of dedicated therapists in Dublin.


Laser treatment for the face, body and teeth in Dublin

We love laser technology for all the amazing treatments it can offer our clients.

The therapists at our Dublin clinic use some of the most powerful aesthetic laser treatments in the world. Our lasers include the Primelase HR By Sinclair Medical and Naturawhite Teeth Whitening laser treatment. 

From brightening your teeth to removing those annoying hairs from your toes, our skilled therapists use lasers to make you feel great about the way you look. 


Laser hair removal in Dublin

Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution to unwanted hair on the face and body. Shaving and waxing are temporary solutions: only laser hair removal gets to the root of the problem. 

Our laser therapists are armed with the world’s strongest diode machine for laser hair removal, which they direct into the hair follicle itself, destroying it to prevent further growth. Treatment is speedy, and with the aid of the newest cooling technology, discomfort is minimal.

Unwanted hair grows in some intimate areas, but don’t be shy. Our therapists have seen bodies of all shapes and sizes, and our lasers are so fast that they can defuzz a bikini area in 30 seconds flat. Men and women come to the Dublin clinic, and we treat the whole body, from brows to big toes and everywhere in between, seee our Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Dublin

After a course of treatments, our Dublin clients say goodbye to unwanted hair, stubble, and shaving rashes and a big hello to fresh, smooth skin.

Teeth Whitening at The Laser Club Dublin

Coffee, wine, cola and curry are all the enemies of pearly white teeth, often leaving them grey and dull. Laser teeth whitening can restore your sparkle and make you proud of your smile again.

Our non-peroxide laser teeth whitening uses the dynamic Naturawhite system and the most powerful cosmetic whitening technology to whiten your teeth by up to 12 shades in an hour. You may need more than one session depending on how stained your teeth are and top-ups are advised. 

Aftercare is important to keep that laser brightness and we give our Dublin clients plenty of advice on how to keep their teeth gleaming and can provide products to use at home.

Other beauty treatments available at The Laser Clinic Dublin

We also have a range of premium non-laser treatments that use other innovative technologies like cryotherapy and radiofrequency energy. 


Facials are still a relaxing and pampering experience, but the use of active ingredients and technology means that they give the skin a powerful beauty boost too. 


The Hydrafacial offers deep pore cleansing and extractions, brightening exfoliation and peels, luscious skin quenching serums and LED therapy all in one treatment.

This highly effective bespoke facial can be tweaked to address a variety of skin concerns fro Dublin clients, including 

  • Fine lines
  • Dehydration
  • Acne and acne scarring
  • Skin discoloration and dullness
  • Sun damage 
  • Enlarged pores
    Congested and oily skin
  • Lack of elasticity and firmness
  • Rough skin texture
  • Uneven skin tone

Bespoke Facial

Dublin clients love our range of bespoke facials that offer perfect anti-ageing, acne-busting, glow-getting and deep-cleansing treatments. 

Our skin specialist will assess your skin and prescribe a facial to boost your natural beauty. 

Cryotherapy Facial

Our innovative Cryofacial uses the chill factor to boost circulation, stimulate the production of firming collagen, smooth away lines, reduce the size of pores and give the skin a glow. In the hands of our trained therapists, the cold cryo wand is used to sculpt the facial tissues. 

Our Dublin clients love the results of cryotherapy facials, which will give the lifted effect usually seen in injectable treatments. 

Cryotherapy Treatments 


Our Dublin therapists also use cryotherapy to give the cold shoulder to unwanted skin tags, wart, verrucas, brown spots and other skin blemishes. 

The medically certified Cryopen uses liquid nitrous oxide at a chilly minus 127 degrees to target benign skin blemishes destroying the skin cells without damaging surrounding tissues.  

Cryostar Fat Reduction

Body fat hates the cold, so when the Cryostar wand is applied to the skin, it destroys fat cells, smoothing cellulite and melting away inches. 

The cooling wand also improves blood circulation and stimulates collagen production, which firms the skin. 

Our Dublin clients love the way that Cryostar treatment makes the skin on their abdomens, thighs, upper arms and double chins look tauter and more contoured. 

Other treatments available at our Dublin clinic


The Dublin clinic uses the M.pen to create tiny punctures in the skin of the face. Although invisible to the naked eye, these micro-wounds are enough to stimulate the body’s healing response. The area is flooded with cell renewal agents, and the production of collagen is increased, resulting in smoother, fresher skin.

Microneedling is particularly useful for acne scarring and the first signs of ageing.

Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen harnesses the power of low-frequency plasma energy to encourage collagen production and tighten the tissues. The result is smoother skin that looks more lifted. 

Plasma Pen is an effective treatment for wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and acne scars. 

Price List For Skin Treatments


How to find The Laser Club in Dublin


Unit 3

Block A
Hamilton Gardens
Carnlough Road
Dublin 7 D07 DWY1

Tel: +353 1576 88 70
Email:  [email protected]


Travelling by car from Connolly Train Station:

Head north on Amiens Street (R105) towards Talbot St

Turn left onto Portland Row (R101)

Continue to follow R101 for 2.1 km

Continue onto Dalymount (R147) and follow the road for 1.2 km

Turn right onto Carnlough Rd and then turn right onto Hamilton Gardens

The Laser Club is on the left

Driving directions link here  

There is customer parking outside the clinic in Aldi carpark situated down the ramp and a 1m walk back to us with no time limits and no claming in place. Please do not park right outside the salon incase of clamping. 

Arriving by bus

The Maynooth Service D920 from Connolly Train Station drops off on Navan Road Parkway where you can take the 38A Burlington Road Service to Cabra Road 300m from The Laser Club.

Link to directions here.

About Dublin

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and the country’s capital. 

Dublin became the capital of the Irish Free State in 1922 after gaining its independence from the United Kingdom.  It is situated on the mouth of the River Liffey and to the south can be found the beautiful Wicklow Mountains .

The city draws visitors from across the world. Popular attractions include tours of the Guinness Brewery, home of Ireland’s iconic beer and the Book of Kells an illustrated eighth century manuscript  in the library of Trinity College Dublin.

The city has a significant literary history and was home to George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Beckett. Contemporary Dublin authors include John Banville and Roddy Doyle, author of The Commitments and the Booker Prize Winner,  Paddy Clarke Ha Ha ha.   

Dublin Ferry Port is four miles from the city centre and it has a number of ferry routes connecting the city to Liverpool, Holyhead, Cherbourg and Douglas on the Isle of Man.

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