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Scalp laser hair removal for baldy or balding men vs scalp micropigmentation

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Good example of scalp micro pigmentation
  1. Are you fed up of the shadow left after shaving your scalp due to balding or patches?
  2. Are you sick of shaving every other day or asking others if you have missed hairs on the back of your head?
    Have you had enough of the fast regrowth?

Some men are choosing SPMU (semi-permanent make up or scalp micropigmentation aka scalp tattooing) to essentially colour-in their hairlines in an effort to make balding less visible. SPMU is common within women for eyebrows, lip liner and even eyeliner. It’s incredibly important to research properly and don’t choose the cheapest clinic, you must check reviews and results as there are a lot of examples of bad micropigmentation.

Pros & Cons of hairline tattooing/scalp micropigmentation:

Cost: £1500-2000


  1. Can leave a great result
  2. Can help blend a balding hairline


  1. A session can take 6-8 hours
  2. Can look obvious or fake
  3. Fairly weak and often doesn’t match well
  4. Colours difficult to get exactly correct
  5. Scalp micropigmentation Isn’t permanent and will need redoing after a few years
  6. Re-doing or topping up the ‘dots’ often means they end up blending together, expanding and eventually looking like a solid block of weak tattoo, losing the individual hair follicle look
  7. After 5-6 years this could result in you needing laser tattoo removal and starting again. Laser tattoo removal is very painful and take take 3-4 sessions


Good example of scalp micro pigmentation

Photo: Good example of scalp micro pigmentation


Example of scalp micropigmentation gone wrong

Example of scalp micropigmentation gone wrong


Pros and cons of scalp laser hair removal

Cost £800-£1000 for 6 sessions

Laser hair removal is on the rise for men, more than ever signed up in 2023 than any other year. Its easy to see why scalp laser hair removal is also on a sharp increase!


  1. Hair gone forever
  2. Majorly convenient. No more time wasting shaving
  3. No more shaving
  4. No more shadow
  5. No more missing hairs or asking others to help with the back
  6. No ingrown hairs or irritation
  7. Super clean feeling and look
  8. No spikes and irritating bristles
  9. No more mess in your sink or home!
  10. Takes minutes. 20 minutes max per session across 6-10 sessions (some may need maintenance sessions every 3-6 months)


Are there any?!

Maintenance sessions (if needed) although what’s 20 minutes every few months?

Patching of the head which is totally normal during the package


4 sessions of scalp laser hair removal

Photo: 4 sessions of scalp laser hair removal


5 Sessions of scalp laser hair removal (client will need maybe 2 more sessions for complete removal)

Photo: 5 Sessions of scalp laser hair removal (client will need maybe 2 more sessions for complete removal)


Total before and after on scalp laser hair removal. 8 sessions.

Total before and after on scalp laser hair removal. 8 sessions.

There is only ONE machine in the world that is powerful enough to emit/kill/destroy hairs permanently on the scalp and that Is the Primelase machine by Sinclair medical. Officially the strongest laser hair removal machine in the world. The Laser Club has these machines in every clinic.

So, for THE MOST powerful machine in the world for laser hair removal – you’re in the right place.



What is the cost of laser scalp hair removal?

£800 for 6 sessions

How many sessions will I need for laser hair removal on the chest?

6 sessions absolute minimum. Hair follicles go through so many growth stages, you HAVE to trust the process. Some men may need a few more and we will heavily discount them if you do.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

We would say laser hair removal is pretty painless. Some heat maybe hence the redness. If you have had waxing before, laser hair removal isn’t a patch on waxing pain. Chest hair removal isn’t really a sensitive place to have laser hair removal. If females can have this between their legs (and 50% of females we treat – have the FULL back and front Hollywood lasered) then you can easily manage your chest! But in all seriousness, a little heat and that’s it.

Do I still need to shave during the sessions?

Ideally, the evening before to shave as close to the scalp as you can ready for your laser hair removal session the following day.

By About session 4, the hair growth really slows down so usually you wouldn’t need to shave anywhere near as often.

I’m sold – how can I go ahead?

The best way to go ahead with us is to book a free consultation here and come and see us, ask all the questions you wish and if you want to go ahead then we take payment and plan/organise and book your first session in.

We are located in Horsforth Leeds and Trafford Manchester, Just outside of Manchester City Centre, Alderley Edge, Cheshire and now Dublin!

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