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The Chest is the most Popular Area for Laser Hair Removal in Men

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The Chest is the most Popular Area for Laser Hair Removal in Men

The male chest. A comfortable place your partner may wish to rest their heads on an evening watching Netflix, although – maybe not if its super hairy or spikey from shaving?

A lot of men these days simply despise hair there. Hair protruding over T-shirts isn’t really the sexiest look.

Did you know the chest is the most popular area to removal hair using a laser hair removal machine in men?


Chest hair removal

Male Chest Removal


After the chest is batwings removal (backs of arms) stomach and beard shaping. The least popular for laser hair removal on males is – legs, although we’re not surprised.

National average for men to visit laser hair removal clinics is on the up but is still only 17% with 75% female and 8% Transgender clients.

However, The Laser Club’s male average is a whopping 30%! A percentage we are proud of. Being an all-inclusive hair removal clinic, all humans are welcome with open arms and no one is judged.


Using our incredible Primelase machine by Cocoon Medical – officially the strongest and most powerful laser hair removal machine in the world (seriously) you can literally see the hairs popping out of the hair follicle once the follicle is killed. The dead hairs cannot get away fast enough.

There is only ONE other machine in the world that is powerful enough to emit/kill/destroy hairs in this way and that I the Elysion machine also by Cocoon Medical but LESS powerful than the Primelase machine.

So, for THE MOST powerful machine in the world for laser hair removal – you’re in the right place.



What is the cost of laser chest hair removal?

£350 for a package of 6. Stomach is a separate area and is £350 for 6 sessions. There is a package for male full body which is £1500 for 5 key areas for 6 sessions. This could be Chest, full back, shoulders, stomach and beard shaping.


How many sessions will I need for laser hair removal on the chest?

6 sessions absolute minimum. Hair follicles go through so many growth stages, you HAVE to trust the process. 6 sessions minimum. Some men may need a few more and we will heavily discount the if you do.


Does laser hair removal hurt?

We would say laser hair removal is pretty painless. Some heat maybe hence the redness. If you have had waxing before, laser hair removal isn’t a patch on waxing pain. Chest hair removal isn’t really a sensitive place to have laser hair removal. If females can have this between their legs (and 50% of females we treat – have the FULL back and front Hollywood lasered) then you can easily manage your chest! But in all seriousness, a little heat and that’s it.


Would you laser male private parts?

This used to be an open door and straight yes but we are now selective on this due to a few unfortunate instances in our clinic. We would prefer a male to come to his consultation present with his partner so we can understand him more. Why he wants it done etc. If our laser technicians whom are all female feel comfortable, we will accept as a client and agree to do male Hollywood (and perianal as we call it)

I’m sold – how can I go ahead?

The best way to go ahead with us is to book a free consultation here and come and see us, ask all the questions you wish and if you want to go ahead then we take payment and plan/organise and book your first session in.

We are located in Horsforth Leeds and Trafford Manchester, Just outside of Manchester City Centre and now Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Or, what to chat? Call us on 0161 327 1712

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