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Laser Hair Removal treatment using the Primelase HR – The most powerful laser hair removal diode machine in the world. Officially! 4800W of hair removal power.

Using our state of the art Primelase HR medical grade laser hair removal machines, we can permanently remove and kill hair follicles. The Primelase HR is one of the only laser hair removal machines that can effectively kill hair follicles for good.
You can literally see killed hairs jump out of the newly dead hair follicles using our machine.

Strongest hair removal machine in the world 4800 watts
Medical Grade Machine
Made in Spain
Permanently kills hair follicles at the root
Exceptional results for all skin types, colour and depths of hair
Better results, & greater client comfort- virtually PAIN FREE
Super-Fast treatments. Legs in 15 minutes, underarms in 5 mins.
4 Wavelengths
Combined SSL & Diode technology
Easy and precise treatments
Increased comfort
Clinically proven results certified quality assured system.

The Primelase is 3 times more powerful than the soprano Ice machine and 55% more efficient in removing hair. You can read a case study on this

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Face €450
Face & Neck €700
Hollywood Front & Back €725
Underarms €500
Legs package £900
Half legs €600
Full Body head to toe €1500

Our full body package is currently on offer which includes full legs, underarms and Hollywood. Just €995 which is a huge saving on individual package prices of over 50%

This package can be amended to add face for an extra €200 or others areas for a much lower price.

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Neck and chin 3 sessions
Laser Hair Removal Results

Yes, however with our incredible Prime Lase machines you only need to stay out of the sun for 72 hours prior to laser hair removal and 72 hours after being in the sun. You cannot have recently fake tanned skin in the interest of safety however, this shouldn’t stop you from having laser in the summer months, it’s easy to work around your laser hair removal sessions.

Our female team of laser hair removal technicians all have such brilliant reviews within this area of making people feel super comfortable. Some ladies don’t mind stripping off all underwear and jumping on the treatment table and others will come wearing a thong and we can work around the thong or use disposable underwear. We help protect and cover you with bed roll or towels too so you don’t feel so exposed. All laser hair removal clinic rooms have locks on the doors too, so there is never a risk of anyone walking in on your treatment.

Our Primelase machine is a medical grade FDA cleared machine with the newest technology available which include ice cooling systems to keep the tip/head cool. Also, with just one sweep of your skin your sessions are over so fast. People report some slight heat in areas, others report nothing. Some report a little prickle. private areas are a little more ‘spicy’ due to location/skin and hairs being thick and dense but again, it’s over within seconds. Bikini area can literally take 30 seconds.

Yes, permanent follicle removal, however the hair can sometimes, on occasions, want to produce new hair growth as it repairs itself. We therefore always recommend top up sessions every 8-12 weeks to keep any new growth away.

Very minimum of 6, we always advise you to buy packages. You may need more than 6 sessions, this depends on many factors such as genetics, hair type and skin type.

Between 8-12 weeks we say between sessions. Hair follicles are killed only when they are in the anagen stage (the growth phase) and around 20-25% of all hairs in an area will sit within this stage each time you come to your laser hair removal sessions. This is why at least 6 sessions will be needed.

First Step – book your free consultation and patch test, this takes about 15-30 mins. We answer any questions, fully explain everything, establish your skin type, establish your machine settings, patch test and discuss costs, then – if you want to go ahead we make a plan of action and book in your first session which can be as soon as 24 hours after your patch.

Yes you can spread your payments on our hair removal packages, you can split your payment into 3 payments across the package. I.e - first payment on consultation, next payment on session 2 and 3rd and final payment on session 4. This means a spread of 3-5 months.

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